We know God has created each one of us in unique ways, but we often struggle to understand his divine plans. Instead, we live with a vague sense of discontent as we question who we are and what God has designed us to do.

Deborah believes that every person has a voice that must be heard and expressed through vocation. In her book, Your Vocational Credo – Practical Steps to Discover Your Unique Purpose, she walks you through a transformational journey of creating your own vocational credo so that you can be a world-changer in the way God has intended. You’ll discover:

  • the true meaning of vocation
  • how to redeem past pains in your life
  • your personal vocational preferences
  • a unique plan for your life’s work

Using unique tools and practical guidance combined with inspiring stories of personal transformation, this workbook will provide you with the resources to find your credo and accomplish the work God has designed just for you.

Click here to purchase your copy today.

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