I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have always loved the entrepreneurial can-do spirit here. I became a follower of Jesus when I was 20 years old and needed a faith that was practical enough to save me from myself. As I have matured I realize that although many things are possible, one needs support to move from the realm of possibility into  the optimum performance of a focused life.  Coaching is an intensely practical way to help accomplish vocation and to overcome self-limiting beliefs. I  coach others because of the good it has done for me.  It brings me joy to help others see in the dark.

Coaching is described as an ongoing intentional conversation that helps the client  fulfill  God’s call on their lives whatever that may be. Consider for a moment, what results would you like to see in your life that have not materialized yet? I would love to help you with that! I will help you to discover your self-limiting beliefs, your potential and how to find support for your growth changes. You will be empowered to dream big and act on those dreams.

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