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 Pay Attention, Be Astonished, Tell About It.                      Mary Oliver


I like to chill with people who think outside of the box, people who dare to dream of what could be. I am available for retreats, workshops, and events, where my passions will encourage others who care deeply about their spirituality. I love helping people to find their pathway forward. And of course, whatever we do, it will interactive and it will be fun!

Coaching: I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have always loved the entrepreneurial can-do spirit here. I became a follower of Jesus when I was 20 years old and needed a faith that was practical enough to save me from myself. As I have matured I realize that although many things are possible, one needs support to move from the realm of possibility into  the optimum performance of a focused life.  Coaching is an intensely practical way to help accomplish vocation and to overcome self-limiting beliefs. I  coach others because of the good it has done for me.  It brings me joy to help others see in the dark.

Coaching is described as an ongoing intentional conversation that helps the client  fulfill  God’s call on their lives whatever that may be. Consider for a moment, what results would you like to see in your life that have not materialized yet? I would love to help you with that! I will help you to discover your self-limiting beliefs, your potential and how to find support for your growth changes. You will be empowered to dream big and act on those dreams.

Vocational Workshop: Have you ever asked yourself “how do I need to be spiritually formed to become who I want to be?” We are all formed by our stories. Each person  has a unique story given to them by God.  Learning how to read and incorporate the elements of that story is necessary to find usefulness and a fulfilling future.

One and two day intensives are available, focusing on vocation and based on the material in my book, Your Vocational Credo (click on the Author tab). You will leave the workshop with a greater knowledge of how to tell your own story, and how that story supports your vocational calling. Participants will learn how to find purpose in the painful events of life,  discern toxic skills, find their way through chaos to success, analyze current life activities to discern what needs to be abandoned and what needs to be added, and discover how to live out one’s vocation most successfully. Join us for a trek into the wild frontier of your life!

Women’s Theology Hub Workshop: Is our Holy Book for us or against us as women? Should women lead? Do we belong in senior leadership? If so, what do we do about those scriptures that seem to limit us?

This intensive workshop, open to women and men, focuses on what the Bible says about women through studying the traditional scriptures on women as well as the problematic stories of women in the Bible. We will study such topics as: theology of woman in the scriptures, interpretive issues of language barriers, the nameless, voiceless concubine, Tamar, Bathsheba, female images of God in the scripture, cultural issues for women in the church, Paul’s words about women, Jesus’s treatment of women,  problematic scriptures for women in the Epistles, and more. This is a must have workshop for any church that wants to support and promote women in ministry. Dare to be informed, the Bible is more exciting than most imagine! Come and learn how to have this conversation.

Personal Style, Voicing Your Way into the Future: A Workshop. Did you know that it takes a mere 7 seconds or less to make a first impression. 55% of that first impression is derived from body language and appearance. First impressions are rarely changed. What impression do you wish to make? What values do you wish to convey? Are you satisfied with your physical presentation, your appearance? How will you introduce your story to the world in just a few short seconds?

Just as vocation, proper understanding of women in scripture, and good coaching are essential to showing up in the world in the best way possible, so is developing your visual voice, your appearance. This fun workshop used to be called Fashion Camp and was developed for Middle and High School females. But by popular demand it is  now being offered to women of all ages. As part of spiritual formation practice, participants will discover their own values, personal style and  visual voice. Come and celebrate You with Us and take control of your first impressions!


If you are interested in booking any of these events or need more information about them please contact me at Deborahloyd@gmail.com. 


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  1. Deb, I love your blog. Sitting here with tears running… I posted on FB on Darla’s post from your blog this A.M. Though of you and prayed for Richard’s wife When he died earlier this year. I hoped you were able to be with her. Wish I was close enough to Portland to give you a hug.

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